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Balancika Cambodia has everything you need to fully automate your business operations.

Our Services

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Software Implementation, Training and Consultancy

We do not only train users how to use our software, but we also discuss our customer’s business processes and controls and how to make the best use of our software in their specific business circumstances.

Software, Web and Mobile Application Development

Besides our ERP solutions, we also provide software, web and mobile development service according to specific requirements of our customers. These newly developed applications can integrate seamlessly with our existing system.

Software Maintenance and Support

We have a dedicated support team to help our customers to make sure that their operations will run smoothly without any disruption. We provide renewable yearly support and maintenance contracts. This service includes real time support, helpdesk, warranty as well as upgrades.

Customization Service

All of our software products are developed in-house, hence, we have full control and knowledge of the source code which make customization service easier, faster and more reliable for our customers.

About Us

Balancika Cambodia is a local software development company that was created with a clear vision to provide small and medium businesses access to the latest technology in managing their business. If you are looking to fully automate your business operations without having to splash a large sum of money, you have come to the right place in seeing us.

We have successfully implemented our ERP solutions in some of the most demanding and sophisticated customers and have earned recognitions for our quality software products and professional services.

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