AME (Accounting System)

Beautiful, easy to use, yet powerful – allowing you to manage your accounting data like a pro.

Key Features

Correcting posted transaction – correct and repost posted transactions with ease.

Full traceability – drill down transactions from reports to journal entries, general ledgers and the original data entry forms.

Multi companies – share customers, membership cards and generate powerful consolidated financial statements.

Multi currencies – create sale invoices and make purchases in any currency, AME automatically calculate the exchange gain/loss for you.

Transaction class – view your profit and loss by business segment or by project.

Import/export – all of your master data and transactions can be imported/exported from/to Excel spreadsheet which make it easier for data transfer and analysis.

Reports – there are plenty of analytical reports with flexible report options allowing you to gain more insight knowledge of your business and make informed decision.

Main Modules

Invoicing (Revenue & Account Receivable)

Inventory Control

Purchase & Payment (Account Payable)

General Ledger (Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement)

Budgeting (Budget vs Actual Comparison).

Account Consolidation (Multiple Companies)